TEDxPickeringStreetSalon: #RealGreenLiving


#RealGreenLiving- One Part TEDx talks, one part Citizen Hackathon

Have you ever looked at the green living instagram posts and thought to yourself "there's no way I can do that".
Metal straws, apartment farming and organic soy lattes. Is that what green living looks like?

Just how achievable are these sustainable lifestyles that we keep seeing in social media? Not all of us have the time (or desire) to become urban farmers. Not all of us want to carry our entire kitchen with us just for an afternoon out. Not all of us are ready to completely uproot and restructure our lives and become ecowarriors.

Is there really only ONE way of green living? And is sustainable living truly sustainable if it's so hard and takes this much effort?

At this salon we challenge you to design a sustainable lifestyle YOU think is realistic and achievable for the average person (aka yourself). No idea is too crazy. (In fact we strongly encourage crazy creative ideas)

1245-1300: Check-in
1300-1400: Talks + Panel Discussion
1400-1430: Tea Break
1430-1530: Hackathon
1530-1600: Sharing of prototypes
1600-1630: Closing + Connect with new humans!

[Our speakers aka Design Inspiration for you!]

Stephanie Dickson
Founder of Green Is The New Black
Stephanie Dickson is on a mission to make sustainability mainstream and sexy.
She founded Green Is The New Black, Asia’s first conscious festival
and media platform for people who want to #LiveMoreConsciously by
improving the way they think, work and consume while doing more good in
the world. This is a place where fun and social environmental responsibility go
hand in hand.

Raye Padit
Founder of The Fashion Pulpit & Connected Threads Asia
Raye’s mission is to bring awareness around the social and environmental impacts of fast fashion, while offering a sustainable, easy and fun solution through clothes swapping. He is also a budding fashion designer and he uses waste fabrics in his pieces.
His works have been featured in different media platforms: Straits Time, Business Times, Honey Combers, Channel News Asia etc and invited to speak in different events and institutions.

Heng Li Seng
Founder of Green Nudge
Li Seng first realised the impact of human actions when he encountered a plastic wristband thousands of kilometres away from the nearest town during an overseas field trip. He subsequently took a leap of faith and joined the social enterprise sector after spending 4 years in the government sector. Combining his interests in behavioural science and sustainability, Li Seng hopes to pay it forward so that the next generation can thrive in a safe and sustainable environment.

Ong Chun Yeow
The Environmental Defender
As a pro-environmental and social justice advocate, Chun Yeow has been putting on different hats and participated in activities and campaigns in the hope to leave the world a better place than he found it. Professionally, he can be identified as a part-time urban farmer and full-time heritage technologist.

Darren Ho
Head of Citizen Farm
Mr. Darren Ho is the Head of Citizen Farm, Singapore’s first and only closed-loop urban farm. After completing his studies in Natural Resource Management and Economics (BSc) at the University of Western Australia focusing on the Agri-track, Darren gained a wealth of industry exposure through work stints in a variety of farms around the world. Over the course of 8 years in agriculture, Darren has been featured in local and international news for his role in leading the sustainability and urban farming cause in Singapore.

As part of the leadership team in Edible Garden City and a champion of the “Grow Local, Eat Local” movement, Darren is inspired to scale up urban farming in Singapore to share the benefits of agriculture with our community. With his entrepreneurship in his bIood, it is his dream to see humanity live in perfect harmony with nature, empowered by technology.

[About the Hackathon aka What the hell am I getting myself into?]

You will be split into teams. And in your teams, you'll discuss (with your newfound knowledge on sustainability) what are the most unsustainable elements in your daily life and what are some solutions that are ACTUALLY achievable for the average person.
Be honest. If you still struggle to bring ecobags to the supermarket, don't cite "carry reusable cutlery" as a solution. It's NOT. But maybe "edible takeaway cutlery in all restuarants" is. Be creative, no ideas are bad ideas. The solution only needs to be realistic and achievable for YOU. Leave social and political feasibility at the door.

Then you'll present the #RealGreenLiving lifestyle you've designed with everyone! 😃

-Creativity (if cannot find, substitute with 'crazy')
-A sense of humor
-An open mind
-Readiness to play and have fun!

The team with the "realest" idea will walk away with 500GB G-DRIVE mobile SSDs!


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Sun Oct 14, 2018
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